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Lemon Tour “Amalfi Coast”

The Lemon Tour “Amalfi Coast”  allows you to enter the paradise of lemons admiring a wonderful garden that

develops vertically. Walking among the lemon trees you will be elated by their scent, while
admiring the surrounding natural wonders. In the shade of the lemon trees you can enjoy an
exceptional landscape, which has no equal and you really understand the essence of this land
and what makes it so alive and great on the international scene. Its immense beauty and the
richness of its lands gives birth to a world-class excellence: the “sfusato Amalfitano”, our
yellow gold.
You can choose between a half day or a full day tour.
This sensational experience begins in Minuta with a visit to the Church of the Annunziata from
the 11th century, then continues with a visit to the ruins of Sant’Eustachio, one of the most
impressive Christian realities in Southern Italy of the 13th century, the Torre dello Ziro which
overlooks the wonderful Amalfi and is then accompanied by a visit to a farm where you can
discover the different stages of lemon production and you can taste the typical products of
the land.
It is possible to book lunch in the lemon garden or continue the tour reaching Amalfi through
the paths where you can visit the Cathedral of Sant’Andrea, let yourself be carried away by the
atmosphere of the ancient maritime republic and have lunch by the sea.
Please, contact  info@casadolcecasaravello.it  for more information!